Coffee Composting


You can be on your way to a zero waste work place

What is Advanced Composting?

Advanced Composting is more than just banana peels and apple cores. We collect a wide array of compostable items including pizza boxes and wooden stir sticks. Star Choice Coffee Services believes in reducing our landfill and our Advanced Composting Service allows you to compost items that you couldn’t before. For a full list of what we collect click here.

What Happens to Our Compost?

Your collected organic material will be composted using an all natural process. In only 8-9 weeks, your collected waste will be ready for farmers, gardeners and landscapers in your neighbourhood to use and therefore making it a more beautiful, productive and healthier environment.

How Do We Get Started?

Call us at (403)516-2349 or email us at and we will supply your office with what you need to get started and provide you with top quality service.